Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1947/07

Sub-Mariner 25 cover

William Woolfolk's publishers this month were Timely, Quality, Fawcett, and EC.

I think the Human Torch story may have been turned into one by Woolfolk himself, not the editors (although they would have been the ones cutting it to ten pages). It looks as if that happened with another here: in the notebook, the Joe Hodges story is first entered as a Doll Man, but that's crossed out and replaced with Kid Eternity. Possibly Woolfolk just absent-mindedly set down the wrong character name in both cases and caught himself only on Kid Eternity.

July 1947 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

12 pg Sub-Marinerlost girl pilot and Firebrand, the wrecker
"Firebrand, the Scourge of the Pacific" S-M 25, Spr/48
12 Kid EternityJoe Hodges' last news story
"The Beagle" KE 9, Spr/48
Captain Marvel Jr.the Wreckers, specialists in catastrophe
"The Wreckers" Master 88, Feb/48
Mary Marvelmagic shoes
"MM and the Flying Shoes" MM 25, June/48
12 Sub-Marinerold vaudeville star, Gay 90s bandits
10 as Human Torch"Gay Nineties Gamble" HT 30, May/48
12 Moon Girlinvaders from Venus
"Invaders from Venus" MG 1, Fall/47
12 Doll Mana million dollars apiece to 3 strangers
"Millions for Murder" DM 16, Spr/48
IbisHolocaust—god who causes destruction
"Holocaust—God of Destruction" Whiz 95, Mar/48
Human Torchelephant's burial ground
"Tusks of Terror" Capt America 66, Apr/48
12 Moon GirlSatana, queen of the underworld
"Satana, Queen of the Underworld" MG 1, Fall/47
Captain MarvelSivana meets Minerva
"Sivana Meets Minerva" CM Advs 82, Mar/48
14 Kid Eternitypaintings come to life
"Skir" KE 9, Spr/48
12 Moon Girlsmuggler's cove & a sunken U.S. navy sub
"Smuggler's Cove" MG 1, Fall/47
Captain Marvelthe medieval demon
"The Medieval Demon" CM Advs 82, Mar/48


  1. "The Beagle" is the title of that untitled first story in KID ETERNITY #9.

  2. To be consistent with my taking bold words in other blurbs at Quality as titles, I'll have to agree--I've updated.