Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An Unknown THUNDER Artist

The art on "Half an Hour of Power," a Dynamo story in THUNDER Agents 19 (Nov/68), has been attributed to Dan Adkins and Wally Wood in The Comic Reader 197's Tower Comics checklist, Dec/81 (and subsequently in the Grand Comics Database); and to Wally Wood and Ralph Reese on pencils, Wood on inks, in Comic Book Artist 14's checklist, July/01. Dan Adkins verified and corrected the CBA art credits, so he evidently didn't remember working on this story and didn't see his style in it.

However, I see someone on pencils who was a Wally Wood assistant but hasn't been connected before this with the THUNDER Agents.

THUNDER Agents 19 tiers

These pencils look like Wayne Howard's. His style shows best in these tiers from the bottom and top of successive pages, but I think I can make it out on most pages, buried under the Wood inks. Granted the division of labor at Wood's studio, I still would credit Howard as the major contributor to the pencils. Wood is known to have provided thumbnail layouts for many stories at his studio, but I don't see much on this one that I'd call his actual pencil work.

There's another story whose art the CBA checklist credits to Wood & Reese/Wood—"Return of the Hyena," a Dynamo story in TA 17 (Dec/67)—and on that one I don't see any work by Howard.

If Ralph Reese didn't pencil "Half an Hour of Power," he definitely contributed to the story; he scripted it. I'll post a list of his THUNDER scripts shortly.

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  1. Hey, this is great! I had no idea Ralph Reese scripted any THUNDER stories, and I've long wanted a definitive TAgents writers' list. Lay on, MacDuff!