Monday, December 12, 2011

Gold Key Star Trek Writers

ST 22 panel--Spock: 'Have you ever heard of a 'black hole,' Captain?' Kirk: 'I'm afraid not, Mr. Spock! Please explain!'
In the second issue of The Monster Times (Feb/72), Len Wein listed his writing credits on Gold Key's Star Trek, mentioning that the writer before him was Dick Wood. The list included all the stories Wein had submitted, even if some hadn't been published yet; all soon were. Wood wrote #1-8, Wein #9-16. Gold Key started running credits with #47. This list gives the writers of #17-46, going by their styles.

The Comic Reader 96 (Apr/73) says that John Warner "...reports doing...some Star Trek stories with some rather familiar people cameoing." Two crewmen in ST 21 are named Levitz and Asherman, after Paul Levitz, then the publisher of TCR, and Allan Asherman, new to DC's editorial staff (and later author of The Star Trek Compendium).

To repeat the gist of an earlier post, #22's "Siege in Superspace" is a sequel to two credited Boudreau science fiction war back-ups in DC's Star Spangled War Stories. The panel above, with 23rd century starship captain Kirk ignorant of black holes (standing in for the 1974 reader about to get some exposition), is from that story.

Gold Key Star Trek Writers

Mar/73#17 The Cosmic CavemenArnold Drake
May/73#18 The Hijacked PlanetDrake
July/73#19 The Haunted AsteroidDrake
Sep/73#20 A World Gone MadDrake
Nov/73#21 The Mummies of Heitius VIIJohn David Warner
Jan/74#22 Siege in SuperspaceGerry Boudreau
Mar/74#23 Child's PlayBoudreau
May/74#24 The Trial of Captain KirkDrake
July/74#25 Dwarf PlanetDrake
Sep/74#26 The Perfect DreamWarner
Nov/74#27 Ice JourneyWarner
Jan/75#28 The Mimicking MenaceGeorge Kashdan
Mar/75#29 [reprints #1][Dick Wood]
May/75#30 Death of a StarAllan Moniz
July/75#31 The Final TruthWarner
Aug/75#32 The Animal PeopleDrake
Sep/75#33 The ChoiceMoniz
Oct/75#34 The PsychoCrystalsDrake
Nov/75#35 [reprints #4] [Wood]
Mar/76#36 A Bomb in TimeDrake
May/76#37 [reprints #5] [Wood]
July/76#38 One of Our Captains Is MissingDrake
Aug/76#39 Prophet of PeaceDrake
Sep/76#40 Furlough to FuryDrake
Nov/76#41 The EvictorsDrake
Jan/77#42 World against Time Drake
Feb/77#43 The World beneath the Waves Drake
May/77#44 Prince TraitorDrake
July/77#45 [reprints #7] [Wood]
Aug/77#46 Mr. OracleDrake

Drake, Kashdan, and Warner continued writing, with credit lines, from #47 to 61. The Gold Key run lasted, by cover date, from July/67 to Mar/79.


  1. I realize it's for the benefit of the reader's that Spock has to explain what Black Holes are to someone, but HOW did Kirk graduate from Starfleet Academy without even HEARING about Black Holes??? lol lol

  2. Yes, I'll bet Elroy Jetson could answer Spock--and he's not even out of Little Dipper Elementary School.

  3. Great article! John Warner also wrote issue 62, which was never published.

    Any idea who wrote and illustrated the four additional stories published in the Enterprise Logs books?

    Captain James T. Kirk: Psycho-File (Enterprise Logs, Vol. 1)
    A Page From Scotty's Diary (Enterprise Logs, Vol. 1)
    Lt. Commdr. Spock: Psycho-File (Enterprise Logs, Vol. 3)
    From Sputnik to Warp Drive (Enterprise Logs, Vol. 4)

  4. I'm afraid I haven;t even seen the stories--I knew the Logs books were around back in the day but never ran across them in comics stores later when I was trying to fill in my collection and they would have helped.

  5. Hi, Martin. Feel free to e-mail me at and I can send you PDFs of the stories in question.

  6. Doug Drexler wrote "From Sputnik to Warp Drive," according to a recent podcast interview here: