Friday, December 9, 2011

Woolfolk Records 1947/06

Captain Marvel Advs 81 cover

Quality, Fawcett, and EC bought this month's stories, although EC cancelled Land of the Lost and Animal Fables before they could print these ones. I believe the LOTL one was drawn and the art exists.

June 1947 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

14 pg Doll Manjoins the underworld
"DM Joins the Underworld" DM 16, Spr/48
Mary Marveltriton in the tunnel
"The Triton and the Tunnel" Marvel Family 19, Jan/48
Land of the LostRed Lantern's wedding
Freddy FireflyDr. Sleepy new building
Danny Demoncrime student robs teacher
Captain MarvelMarvel Family feud
as Marvel Family "The Marvel Family Feud" MF 20, Feb/48
Ibisthe gargoyle menace
"Gargoyle Menace" Whiz 94, Feb/48
13 Kid Eternityman who lived a million years
"The Man Who Lived a Million Years" Hit 52, May/48
Captain MarvelMr. Atom and the comet men
"Mr. Atom and the Comet Men" CM Advs 81, Feb/48
Captain Marvelthe lottery tickets murder
"Lottery of Death" CM Advs 81, Feb/48

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