Thursday, January 30, 2014

Woolfolk Update 8

Crime and Punishment 68 page
More updates to the publication data added to William Woolfolk's script-selling records—the data in bold is what he didn't enter as he recorded the writing and payment months before the stories were published. (With iffy Internet access at the moment, I'm posting here before I update the original posts themselves.)

The Tom Mix wasn't "The Tale of the Lonesome Cowboy" in TM 9, as I'd thought from the description—it's this one.

All the other stories were tracked down by darkmark, and most of them in the last couple of weeks. I'm still not sure how the "barker" I read in Woolfolk's handwriting fits the Golden Arrow elephant story that I haven't seen yet.

The storiues were published by Fawcett, Orbit, and Lev Gleason. This page from "The Gang War Murders" shows Lev Gleason's Deep Dimension 3D substitute ("No glasses needed—Full four colors"), which looks not so much like the 3D movies of the time as the later Cinerascope or Cinerama screen seen from the perspective of  lying on one's side across the theatre seats.

April 1945

5 pg  Golden Arrow elephant barker [?]
"Two Men on an Elephant" GA 3, Win/45
February 1948

Tom Mix desert rat's story
"Bullets Can't Spell" Real Western Hero 71, Oct/48
August 1948

Monte Hale man who hated Indians
"The Man Who Hated Indians" MH Western 35, Apr/49
March 1951

Monte Hale killer's faith in his guns
"The Killer's Faith" Western Hero 109, Dec/51
October 1953

Prescription for Happiness guy wonders if his gal is nagging him
[untitled PFH] Love Diary 43, May/54
December 1953

The Man I Couldn't Trust girl thinks her fiance is faithless
"The Man I Couldn't Trust" L Journal 24, May/54
The Gun Runners man who sells guns to gangland
"The Gang War Murders" Crime and Punishment 68, July/54
April 1954

Bright Lights Gang man organizes crime on Broadway
"Crime Town" Crime and Punishment 70, Dec/54


  1. When, btw, will you be updating the old records?

  2. Not too much later, I hope. If I had unlimited Internet access at home they would have all been done. There were a couple of separate weeks where access to the library's Wi-Fi--and to all of Cape Cod--was shut down to bicyclists and pedestrians because the state can't plow the bridge sidewalk, so forbids its use until the heavier snowfalls melt.

    Prioritizing the time on that library access puts the updates behind my work freelance editing and my writing the new posts every week.