Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Howie Post Returns to Jerry Lewis

When DC summarily let go Arnold Drake with The Adventures of Jerry Lewis #107, the book continued without writers' credits. One of the new writers was the original writer.

Howie Post drew the first four issues of The Adventures of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. The difference in writing style as of #5 leads me to say that long-time writer Cal Howard didn't come aboard until artist Owen Fitzgerald did. Although Post's writing style evolves by the late Sixties, when he has credits like Anthro to compare with, I believe I see enough points in #1-4 to say he wrote as well as drew.

Anthro 2, Jerry Lewis 108 Lion--'Womp'

Nelson Bridwell acknowledged writing the Flash story.

The writer (whom I can't put a name to) who wrote "Jerry-Flavored Ice Cream" wrote pretty much the rest of the run, to #124, the final issue. Others known to have written the feature in these years are Sergio Aragonés and Marv Wolfman (and it's a good bet they only plotted), and Alan Riefe, who otherwise has three DC mystery stories filling out his comics résumé.

Henry Boltinoff (not his brother Murray, the title's editor) wrote most of the 1- and 2-pagers. Possibly he wrote all, but the partial index is of the stories I find definitely in his style. UPDATE: I added the remaining two one-pagers, ones where I didn't think I could pin down Boltinoff's style before. Flipping through World's Finest 109, I found that "A Smashing Good Time" here reuses the plot of the Ollie page there. I'll concede that Boltinoff wrote the lifeguard story for Jerry as well; it's not not in Boltinoff's style.

Whether Bob Oksner inked himself at this point, or an uncredited Tex Blaisdell and others worked on particular issues, is a question I'll leave to the ages.

The Adventures of
Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis

written and drawn by Howie Post

Jul-Aug/52 #1  [The Moon Rocket]
Sep-Oct/     #2  [In Days of Knights]
Nov-Dec/     #3  [Race Car Drivers]
Jan-Feb/53 #4  [Jerry the Matador]

The Adventures of Jerry Lewis
penciled by Bob Oksner

Sep-Oct/68 #108  The Cons Who Went to Kids' Camp w: Don Segall
Low I.Q. High Snafu w: Segall
Lion Down on the Job w: Post
Nov-Dec/     #109  Hai Stakes and Karate Chops w: Post
Pizza Pie in the Sky w: Post
A Hard, Dazed Knight w: Post
Jan-Feb/69 #110  The Strange Body in the Purple Trunks w: Post
A Real Gone Steer w: Post
By Hook or by Crook w: Post
Mar-Apr/     #111  Jerry Lewis and the Jolly Queen Giant w: Post
[Bellboy] w: Henry Boltinoff
A-Creep in the Deep w: Post
May-Jun/     #112  The Flash Meets Jerry Lewis w: E. Nelson Bridwell
"Wheeler Dealer" Meets "Jalopy Jerk" w: Boltinoff
Jerry-Flavored Ice Cream w: (unIDed Jerry Lewis  writer)

Partial index: further stories
written by Henry Boltinoff

Nov-Dec/69 #115  Dog Tired
Extra-Special Delivery
Jan-Feb/70 #116  The Job That Starts at the Top
May-Jun/     #118  [Gas Station Attendant]
Eat at Your Own Risk
Jul-Aug/     #119  A Smashing Good Time
May-Jun/71 #124  From Bed to Nurse
A Witch Doctor Who Makes Calls


  1. Sergio Aragones is known to have written some Jerry stories. Wonder if he could be the un-ID'ed writer?

  2. I seem to remember reading somewhere (I thought it was at "DC Comics 40 Years Ago", but it seems it wasn't there) that Raymond Marais wrote some Jerry Lewis, which I can't find confirm, but the time frame is exactly right for him at DC.

    Steve Rowe says that Alan Riefe wrote "Jerry Meets the New Wonder Woman" in AoJL #117, here:

  3. Marv Wolfman is also listed as a Jerry writer from 1969-71 in Bails's Who's Who.

  4. I asked Sergio. He said he "wrote" (plotted only) two or three issues for Murray Boltinoff. He has records somewhere in storage which, if he ever comes across them, might answer the question of which issues.But he does not remember now which stories and he has no idea who did the dialogue on them.

  5. I seem to recall hearing that John Albano wrote the later issues of Jerry Lewis.

  6. I don't find any Albano work on Jerry Lewis. If Alan Riefe wrote the Wonder Woman story, then he wrote every story from "Jerry-Flavored Ice Cream" to the end, except for the Boltinoff short-shorts (note that I updated--Boltinoff wrote all of those). That "if" needs confirmation before I'd credit Riefe with the entire run; I'd have to look over Marais's work elsewhere too.

    My impression would be that Sergio's plots were for some of these stories finished by Segall or Post, as the timing coincides with his work on Bat Lash, Angel and the Ape, and Inferior Five.

  7. The Riefe credit came straight from DC's publicity dept as the writer of #117 when that issue came out. Re: Arragones, I recall that Howie Post was scheduled to dialogue an issue of Bat Lash, or did and it was rejected.

  8. That would make Riefe the writer (or at least dialoguer) of all the non-Boltinoff stories from #113 to the end, then.

  9. According to Len Wein's foreword in The New Teen Titans Volume 3, he and Marv Wolfman (working together as a team) had their first published work at DC in #109.

  10. From looking at a lot of Howie Post's work in the fifties for Stan Lee, I have gotten the impression that HOwie Post didn't plot. Instead, he wrote as he went along, which is noticable in the rambling storylines.

  11. Although I've only found one Howie Post story there that I can be sure he scripted--"The Men from Mars" in CRAZY 6--I'm sure there was "Marvel-style" work going--someone else dialoguing the art after Post indeed more-or-less plotted as he drew.