Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Woolfolk Records 1951/11

Fawcett, Quality, and Orbit publish these stories.

William Woolfolk branches out into another genre: standalone horror stories—not that his hero stories haven't contained the horror elements the times have called for.

Unknown World 1--The Serpent Queen

Although the first Blackhawk story this month is rejected by Quality, Woolfolk quickly turns it around, reworking it a couple of weeks later into an Ibis story for Fawcett.

November 1951 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

10 pg  Blackhawk swarm of horrors [reject]
Captain Marvel Jr. menace of the miser
"The Menace of the Miser" CMJ 111, July/52
Captain Marvel Jr. back to the days of the Romans
"Battle in the Roman Arena" CMJ 112, Aug/52
Ken Shannon the man from nowhere
"The Man from Nowhere" KS 5, June/52
Ken Shannon doctor of death
"Doctor of Death" KS 5, June/52
10  The Enforcer the story of Nitti, chief torpedo for Capone
"The Enforcer" Wanted 47, May/52
10  Trail of the Serpent! a serpent queen who destroys men
"The Serpent Queen" Unknown World 1, June/52
Ibis the locust god
"The Swarm of Horrors" Whiz 148, Aug/52
Blackhawk golden mummy of doom
"The Golden Mummy" BH 53, June/52
10  Horror-Go-Round a merry go round of monsters
"Horror-Go-Round" Strange Stories from Another World 2, Aug/52
Captain Marvel Jr. the encroaching dimension
"CMJ and Sivana Jr.'s New Dimension" CMJ 112, Aug/52

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