Friday, March 9, 2018

Joe Millard's Love and Jugheads

Quality put out a lot of romance stories, and on a lot of them I have no idea of the writer, but on the short-run western themed Range Romances I was able to ID writer Joe Millard—no stranger to westerns—on a good handful of stories.

Range Romances 4

On "Kisses of Hate" as seen here he uses "Grawwwk," something you see more often in his Plastic Man than in the typical romance story, but he also uses a term from his other westerns: "jughead" for a horse.

Joe Millard
Range Romances Scripts

Dec/49 Petticoat Law
Outlaw Love
Tenderfoot Sweetheart
Feb/50 2   Rustled Kisses
She-Devil Canyon
Passion for Vengeance
 June/    4   Kisses of Hate

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