Thursday, March 29, 2018

More Sekowsky/Robinson

There's no question that Mike Sekowsky worked on Dear Nancy Parker, Gold Key's short-lived romance title. "Going Steady," the final Nancy Parker story in #2, has long been noted as his pencils; the inks are by Sekowsky perennial Frank Giacoia (and maybe Joe Giella, who often teamed with Giacoia on inking Sekowsky).

Sekowsky penciled the rest of the Nancy Parker stories too, as this page from "Sick at Heart" in #1 shows, even more clearly than the page I used as an example on my Lassie post. (This post is restating of my reply to Alberto's comment on that post—here I can show this page.) Again, the inks are, I take it, Jerry Robinson's. If Sekowsky did "Going Steady" for Gold Key then he must have done these stories for them too; he isn't actually a ghost for Robinson.

As on Lassie 60-62's Elephant Boy backup, the Nancy Parker Great Loves backup does not involve Mike Sekowsky.

Sekowsky/Robinson art on Dear Nancy Parker

June/63 #1  Sick at Heart

Love Song for One
Delay for Love
Sep/      #2  Summer Romance
I'm Misunderstood

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