Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Mo Marcus Briefly Visits the House of Secrets

HOS 84

It's easier to find an artist by their work on one-shot secondary characters than on established ones. Thus you don't want to ID the pencils here by looking at House of Secrets host Abel; the soda jerk, in both of his panels, is a typical Mo Marcus character; he looks like he fell lengthwise in a vise.

Most of the framing material in HOS under Dick Giordano's editorship follows a storyline through the introduction, the interludes if any, and into the conclusion of the issue. In #84 the intro leads into the first story but the conclusion follows a different storyline out of the last story. I believe Bill Draut pencilled for himself on the #84 intro. Since he did do full art on most of the HOS frame stories Draut's inking the Marcus conclusion in #84 and the Dick Dillin full frame in #82 does make them look at first glance like his work.

Some Dick Giordano-era House of Secrets attributions

Oct-Nov/69 #82  [frame story] p: Dick Dillin  i: Bill Draut

Realer than Real p: John Celardo  i: Vince Colletta
Sudden Madness p: Celardo  i: Celardo? Giordano?
The Little Old Winemaker w: D. J. Arneson
Feb-Mar/70 #84  [frame conclusion] p: Mo Marcus  i: Draut
Dec-Jan/71 #89  Where Dead Men Walk w: Jack Oleck

Jack Oleck is credited on the Direct Currents page in #89.

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