Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Woolfolk Records 1951/9

Captain MArvel Jr 109 cover--Littlest Giant

As regular readers know, William Woolfolk kept ongoing records of writing and selling comic book scripts in the late Forties and early Fifties. The notebook pages were scanned awhile ago by Marc Svensson, with the cooperation of Donna Woolfolk. I've tracked down the dispositions of the scripts—the published titles and issues of publication—and added them in bold.

The publishers of this month's stories: Quality, Orbit, and Fawcett.

UPDATE: darkmark found the over possessive gal story in Love Journal, in which title I suspected it lurked, in the publication month I guessed it would fall in.

September 1951 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

7 pg  Doll Man sinister safari
"The Sinister Safari" DM 39, Apr/52
Doll Man ticket of terror
"Ticket of Terror" DM 39, Apr/52
My Sister's Shadow rival sisters
"My Sister's Shadow" Love Diary 26, Mar/52
Captain Marvel Jr. the planet hunter
"CMJ and Yblees the Planet Hunter" CMJ 109, May/52
I Knew What I Wanted over possessive gal 
"Wanted--a Man to Love Me" L Journal 13, Mar/52
Blackhawk blood on the Sphinx
"Blood on the Sphinx" BH 52, May/52
Captain Marvel Jr. Freddy Freeman's nightmare
"CMJ and the Horrible Nightmare of Freddy Freeman" CMJ 109, May/52
Captain Marvel Jr. the littlest giant
"CMJ Meets the Littlest Giant" CMJ 109, May/52
Captain Marvel Jr. a day in the life of Jr.
"A Day in the Life of CMJ" CMJ 111, July/52
Blackhawk Death's comet
"Death's Comet" BH 53, June/52


  1. "I Know What I Wanted" *could* be "The Man I Wanted" from LOVE JOURNAL #14, an 8-pager. But without a copy of the book, it's impossible to verify.

  2. I think "I Know What I Wanted", from the 'over-possessive gal' description, is really "Wanted--A Man To Love Me" from LOVE JOURNAL #13, March 1952.

  3. I've updated the post, darkmark. I hope at some point all the LOVE JOURNALs will get onto the Internet.