Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Couple of Dick Wood Titles at Gold Key

Dick Wood wrote mainly (although not exclusively) for Gold Key in the Sixties. Having found his work on longer-running series like Star Trek, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and Man from UNCLE, as well as the mystery books like Boris Karloff and Twilight Zone, as I go farther afield among the companie's titles I find a few more of his scripts.

Wood's extravagant expressions give him away; I'll lay a bet that "Great galloping Selenites" never figured in the shooting script of First Men in the Moon. There's the same sort of expression in the Lancer tier shown here.

First Men--'Great galloping Selenites', Lancer 3--'Blazing thunderballs'

Movie Comic is a title of convenience that never appears in the indicia and in fact on First Men doesn't even appear on the cover. That's an adaptation of the Ray Harryhausen movie of the H.G. Wells novel; Lancer presents original stories of the TV western with a ranch-and-family setup reminiscent of Bonanza.

Movie Comic

Mar/65 First Men in the Moon w: Dick Wood  a: Fred Fredericks


Feb/69 #1  Circumstantial Evidence w: Wood  a: Luis Dominguez
June/     #2  The Diamond-Studded Steer w: Wood  a: Dominguez
Sept/     #3  The Water Rustlers w: Wood  a: Dominguez