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Woolfolk Records 1951/10

Orbit, Fawcett, and Quality.

This is the last Monte Hale story William Woolfolk writes. I'm pleasantly surprised that I could identify the publication of as many as 14 out of the 35 in these records, considering that Hale's comics haven't been extensively indexed. (darkmark identified the 15th through 18th.)

The Grand Comics Database has mislisted the "World's Most Unpopular Boy" Captain Marvel Jr. story as "World's Most Popular Boy."

There was only one Dr. (not Mr.) Science story published, one explaining rockets written by Otto Binder, in CMJ 108, Apr/52.

October 1951 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

7 pg  No Man's Woman girl who regards men only as competitors
"I'm No Man's Woman" Love Diary 25, Feb/52
Captain Marvel Jr. Professor Edgewise's happy smoke
"Professor Edgewise's Happy Smoke" CMJ 112, Aug/52
Monte Hale sea of flame
"The Sea of Flame" MH Western 75, Aug/52
Ibis isle of forbidden fruit
"On the Isle of Forbidden Fruit" Whiz 147, July/52
Captain Marvel Jr. the derby donkey
"CMJ and the Derby Donkey" CMJ 110, June/52
10  Doll Man the ghastly giants
"DM and the Giants of Crime" DM 40, June/52
Doll Man the bleeding statue
"The Bleeding Statue" DM 40, June/52
Girl Trap true crime of car robberies of pick-up girls
"Girl Trap" Wanted 46, Mar/52
Captain Marvel Jr. Jr. becomes a space ambassador
"Ambassador to Pluto" CMJ 111, July/52
Captain Marvel Jr. gigantic buzzsaw
"CMJ and the Gigantic Buzzsaw" CMJ 110, June/52
Doll Man Mr. Magnet
"The Mysterious Mr. Magnet" DM 40, June/52
10  Kansas City Killer! the story of Binaggio
"Kansas City Killer" Wanted 46, Mar/52
Captain Marvel Jr. world's most unpopular boy
"CMJ, World's Most Unpopular Boy" CMJ 110, June/52
Mr. Science explains the H bomb

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