Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Woolfolk Records 1951/04

Wanted 42
Fawcett, Orbit, and Quality, the three you'd expect, bought and published the stories William Woolfolk wrote this month.

Crime Lab is a recurring Wanted feature; this is Woolfolk's only installment.

Showing again how Woolfolk used the idea from an earlier story as a jumping-off point to get a script rolling: Captain Marvel Jr., fought a Zombie Master in a Woolfolk script back in Master 75 (Dec/46), written in August 1945; in very general outline this month's Ibis version follows the same plot—zombie master hiring out zombies—but it's a completely new script. In the same month he wrote a Super Rabbit story about a duplicator machine, but I've seen neither that story nor this month's second Pinhead and Foodini one. And Doll Man fought an Undertaker in Woolfolk stories before Wild Bill Pecos did.

UPDATE: darkmark found the Monte Hale story.

April 1951 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

7 pg  Captain Marvel Jr. queen of witches
"CMJ Battles the Queen of the Witches" CMJ 104, Dec/51
10  Foodini talking camel
"Foodini's Talking Camel" Pinhead and Foodini 4, Jan/52
12  Wild Bill Pecos meets the Undertaker
"WBP Meets the Undertaker" The Westerner 40, Oct/51
Monte Hale mystery of the three wills
"The Mystery of the Three Wills" Western Hero 110, Jan/52
This Way—to Death! underworld finger man—puts finger on himself
"This Way—to Death!" Wanted 41, Sept/51
Private Piney & Miss Fitt gag stuff
1  Private Piney "It Pays to Advertise" P & F 3, Nov/51
1  Little Miss Fitt "Be Prepared" P & F 3, Nov/51
10  Pinhead and Foodini machine that can duplicate anything
13  "Too Many Pinheads" P & F 3, Nov/51
Crime Lab murderer caught by fact French horn blows offkey when cold
"The Musical Murder" Wanted 41, Sept/51
Blackhawk invaders from Inferno
"Weird Invaders from Inferno" BH 47, Dec/51
12  The Real Story of Murder Inc. Abe Reles & his role in Murder Inc.
10  "Murder Inc." Wanted 42, Oct/51
Ibis the zombie master
"The Zombie Master" Whiz 140, Dec/51

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