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Tomahawk 83-101 Writers

When Murray Boltinoff took over editing Tomahawk he changed the format from three stories per issue to a double-length one and a back-up (with #95 a full-lengther). #83, his first issue, introduces the "G.I.s of 1775," Tomahawk's Rangers, as supporting cast for the lead stories, but through #93 the back-ups still team Tomahawk with his original young partner Dan Hunter. The use of some fantastic elements carries over from Jack Schiff's stewardship.

Boltinoff didn't make any great change in the creative personnel; on this run the feature's mainstay artist Fred Ray drew all but one story, and one-time Tomahawk artist Bob Brown every cover, as well as the lead story in #98 and the backup in #101. Ed Herron and Dave Wood had been sharing the writing chores for a number of years under Schiff.

Tomahawk 86 page with gorilla King Colosso, sound effect Kwhamma

Boltinoff credits Herron, Ray, and letterer Stan Starkman every so often in the letters columns. The sure sign of Ed Herron's work in the Sixties is the sound effect Kwhamma; note the "a" at the end that the other DC writers at the time don't use. Some lettercol credits for Herron are for individual stories and some are general; he wrote most of this run, but not every single story before Bill Finger's first credit.

Tomahawk 83-101
Writers (underlined=credited on story or in letters page)

N-D/62 #83  20 against the Tribe France Ed   Herron
The Mighty Hand of Chief Great Storm Herron
J-F/63 #84  There's a Coward among the Rangers Herron
Miss Liberty's All-Girl Army Dave Wood
M-A/     #85  The Whispering War Herron
The Giant from Inside Earth Herron
M-J/     #86  The Rangers vs. King Colosso Herron
Lord Shilling—Yankee Ally Herron
J-A/     #87  The Secrets of Sgt. Witch Doctor Herron
The Tick Tock Terror Herron
S-O/     #88  The Rangers Who Held Back the Earth Herron
Miss Liberty Rides Again Herron
N-D/     #89  The Terrible Tree-Man Herron
Hold That Bridge Herron
J-F/64  #90  The Prisoner in the Pit Herron
Booby-Trap Town Herron
M-A/      #91  The Tribe below the Earth Herron
The Straw Soldiers of Devil Pass Herron
M-J/      #92  The Petrified Sentry of Peaceful Valley Herron
Target—Tomahawk Herron
J-A/      #93  The Return of King Colosso Herron
Dead Silence Herron
 S-O/      #94  Rip Van Ranger Herron
Heartbreak Hill Herron
N-D/      #95  The Tribe beneath the Sea Herron
J-F/65  #96  The Ranger Killers Herron
The Battle That Never Died Herron
M-A/      #97  The Prisoner behind the Bull's-Eye Herron
Coonskin Lottery Herron
 M-J/      #98  The Pied Piper Rangers Bill Finger
The Man in the Muzzle Herron
J-A/      #99  The Rangers vs. King Cobweb Herron
The Battle of Little Ben Finger
S-O/      #100  The Weird Water-Tomahawk Herron
The Ghost of Trigger Hill Finger
N-D/      #101  Tomahawk, Enemy Spy Herron
Battle Hat Finger

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