Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Woolfolk Records Update 6

Captain Aero 24 cover
These are stories mostly from Fawcett and Orbit whose publication data I wasn't able to add in boldface in my original posts of these months transcribed from William Woolfolk's script sales records. The Captain Aero is from Holyoke's Continental imprint. Some page counts were changed by the time the stories were drawn.

darkmark's comment on my Woolfolk Update 2 correctly posited "Swamp of Death" as this Captain Midnight story, although he hadn't the issue itself at the time; he since got it and uploaded it at the Digital Comic Museum. He found the iron mask Monte Hale story too. I had entered the gold rush Monte Hale story as "The Great Gold Strike" in issue 40, but that was published long before this one was written. UPDATING THE UPDATE: I'd reverted my bad guess at the story to the possible comic book titles and month here--I was close--but darkmark since found the specific story.

In the January 1945 records Woolfolk described only a few of his stories; I found this undescribed Captain Aero in Woolfolk's style—"Good glory!"—with a likely month's cover date. January 1947 was one of the three later months where he didn't describe any of the stories. But Howard Keltner's Index reminded me that in this timeframe there were no Sergeant Twilight stories for half a year after Captain Midnight 55, so I checked its story's style; it's Woolfolk's. It's under a CM logo but called "A Sergeant Twilight Story" above the title.

On the CMJ story notation I read Woolfolk's "phone" as "plane" (I think anyone would have) and transcribed it that way in the original post; but it was the editors' changing 4 dimensions to 5 that made the likely story difficult to track down with the Grand Comics Database search engine. Note that the story languished in the production process a good year or so longer than it should have, and ended up two pages shorter than the script called for.

The Wanted 16 stories' final titles I didn't get correct until I saw the comic book itself (in a scan). The GCD listed both of issue 18's 2-pagers as comics stories, but one turns out to be a text piece, so this untitled piece Woolfolk wrote right after longer stories for 18, the one that he calls a feature and not fiction (see 16's listing), has to be this one.

I found the Rocky Lane story listed by looking outside the GCD—at the MyComicsShop site.

January 1945

8 pg  Captain Aero "Bombs, Balloons and the Barnstorming Blonde" Capt Aero 24, Nov/45
April 1945

Captain Midnight Casey James in swamp
"Swamp of Death" Capt Midnight 39, Apr/46
January 1947

Sergeant Twilight "Kilroy Was There" Capt Midnight 55, Sept/47

September 1947

Captain Marvel Junior 4th dimensional phone
7  "The 5th Dimensional Phone" CMJ 77, Sept/49

May 1948

15  The Musical Murders a mad pianist
"The Musical Demon" Wanted 16, Nov/48
10  Double for Death playwright becomes character he writes about
"Double for Destiny" Wanted 16, Nov/48
fiction "What Happened to the Cyclops?" [text] Wanted 16, Nov/48
August 1948

Wanted feature "Wanted: Be on the Lookout for Walter Joseph Landreth" Wanted 18, Feb/49
January 1950

Rocky Lane Rocky Lane's bodyguard
"RL and His Bodyguard" RL Western 17, Sept/50
February 1950

Monte Hale fake gold rush to raise price of beef
"MH Battles the Great Hunger" Western Hero 94, Sept/50
July 1950

Monte Hale man in the iron mask
"MH Battles the Human Fort" MH Western 58, Mar/51