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Exploits of Daniel Boone

Exploits of Daniel Boone 2 splash, 'Duel at Dawn'

When I first looked at Quality's Exploits of Daniel Boone, I could see that the covers were by Dick Dillin and Chuck Cuidera, and that the writers were the company's mainstays in its final year, Joe Millard and "Q" (whom I now know is Robert Bernstein). I could find John Forte's work on some of the back-up stories, but on the Boone stories themselves I had no idea of the artist.

When I looked at the title again after IDing artists on G.I. Combat, I knew who drew Daniel Boone: Sam Citron. His style at Quality matched up with credited work at ACG in the Sixties.

But when I took a third look, I realized that the artist ID wasn't quite so simple after all. The Boone stories' art in all six issues looked similar because of the inking. The layout of the figures in some stories, though, was more awkward than Citron's usual work.

The penciller on most of issues 3-5 I'd come to recognize on other Quality features like T-Man, and Fawcett's Monte Hale; fittingly enough, Edmond Good was the first artist on DC's frontiersman series, Tomahawk. At times his figures look like Bob Kane's filtered through Sheldon Moldoff's ghosting; usually it's the hand placement that tells, but see the full figure of the farmer in the second panel here from "Master of Magic." The first two stories in issue 5 look different enough that I'd give a very tentative guess at John Daly's pencils.

UPDATE: I thought "War to the Finish" in #6 might be drawn by John Rosenberger, but I believe now that it's by Harry Anderson.

Daniel Boone 4 'Master of Magic'

Exploits of Daniel Boone

Nov/55 Doom at the Stake w: Joe Millard  a: Sam Citron
Raid in the Scioto w: Millard  a: Citron
Assault on Boonesborough w: Millard  a: Citron
 Jan/56 The Ghost of Dan'l Boone w: Millard  a: Citron
Duel at Dawn w: Millard  a: Citron
Web of the White Savage w: Millard  a Citron
 Mar/    Island of Doom w: Millard  p: Ed Good  i: Citron
Rescue from the Redskins w: Millard  p: Good  i: Citron
The Honor of Daniel Boone w: Millard  p: Good  i: Citron
 May/    Master of Magic w: Millard  p: Good  i: Citron
Rendezvous with Disaster w: Millard  p: Good  i: Citron
The Pilgrims from Pennsylvania w: Millard  p: Good  i: Citron
 July/    Treaty of Doom w: Robert Bernstein  p: ?
 i: Citron
The Cunning of Blackfish w: Bernstein p: ?  i: Citron
Mission of Peril w: Bernstein  p: Good  i: Citron
 Sept/    Menace of the Renegades w: Bernstein  a: Citron
Through the Indian Wall w: Bernstein  a: Citron
Desperate Mission w: Bernstein  a: Citron

Miscellaneous Frontier Stories in
Exploits of Daniel Boone

Nov/55 How the Cheyennes First Got Guns w: Millard  a: John Forte
 Jan/56 Rain of Fire w: Millard  a: Forte
 Mar/    The Wizard of the Water w: Millard  a: Citron
 May/    Sons of Courage w: Millard  a: Forte
 July/    Four-Footed Menace w: Bernstein  a: ?
 Sept/    War to the Finish w: Bernstein
 a: Harry Anderson

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