Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Woolfolk Records 1950/07

William Woolfolk's stories are split between publishers Fawcett and Orbit in July.

Again, the 2 pages of "Dorothy's love story" for Dorothy Woolfolk constitute a plot, not script pages; the record-book entries for similar pieces a few months later add that detail.

UPDATE: darkmark found the Monte Hale sacred arrow story, and when I went to enter it I found a better match for the iron mask story (in the following issue of Western Hero) than darkmark's earlier suggestion made from the data available at that time.

Wanted 33 cover--The Web of Crime

July 1950 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

7 pg  Captain Marvel Jr. menace of medicine man
"CMJ Fights the Menace of the Medicine Man" CMJ 94, Feb/51
Wild Bill Pecos Nuggets Nugent's feud
"WPB Combats the Killin' Cappers" The Westerner 31, Dec/50
Captain Marvel Jr. the demon fencer
"CMJ Battles the Demon Fencer" CMJ 95, Mar/51
11  Wild Bill Pecos ghost town raiders
"Ghost Town Raiders" The Westerner 31, Dec/50
Monte Hale sacred arrow in stone
"The Guardian of the Arrow" Western Hero 100, Mar/51
Calamity Kate return of the Gaucho Kid
"The Return of the Gaucho Kid" The Westerner 31, Dec/50
10  Citadel of Crime gangster organizes his home town for crime
"Citadel of Crime" Wanted 33, Jan/51
Dead Man's Witness a horse provides clue to capture killer
"Dead Man's Witness" Wanted 32, Dec/50
Dorothy's love story Love Diary
Monte Hale man in the iron mask
"The Man with the Iron Mask" Western Hero 101, Apr/51
Web of Crime take the first step and there's no way out of crime
"Web of Crime" Wanted 33, Jan/51
Ibis a lost Roman galley looking for Cleopatra
"Ibis and the Twist in Time" Whiz 131, Mar/51


  1. Man in Iron Mask would appear to be "The Human Fort" from MONTE HALE WESTERN #58.

  2. I didn't make the connection; thanks! If you go by the Overstreet way of thinking, this would be a Marvel prototype for Kid Colt's Iron Mask.

  3. "sacred arrow in stone" is "Guardian of the Arrow" in WESTERN HERO #100.

  4. As I went to enter the arrow story I found a closer match for the iron mask story, in the next issue of WESTERN HERO--now that it's online.