Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Writer: Batman 131-140

I'll repeat the story editors gave of Bill Finger: he was forever cadging advances but had a real hard time producing scripts.

Oh, so? Not in these issues, he didn't.

On the art side, Sheldon Moldoff did almost as many stories in this run, spelled only on the pencils of stories 131/2 and 133/1, by Dick Sprang, and on the cover of 135 by Dick Dillin.

Batman 136 cover--'Challenge of the Joker'

This run begins Alfred's stories of the second Batman and Robin team and introduces Bat-Girl. Batwoman, Bat-Hound, Bat-Mite, and the Joker appear. There are a few alien and transformation stories. Superman makes an appearance and Green Arrow is mentioned.

Batman 131-140 Writer

May/60131 The Dog That Betrayed BatmanBill Finger
The Case of the Deadly GemsFinger
The Second Batman and Robin TeamFinger
June/    132 The Martian from Gotham CityFinger
The Three Faces of BatmanFinger
The Lair of the Sea-FoxFinger
Aug/    133 Crimes of the Kite-ManFinger
The Voyage of the S.S. BatmanFinger
Batwoman's Publicity AgentFinger
Sept/    134 The Rainbow CreatureFinger
Batman's Secret EnemyFinger
The Deadly DummyFinger
Nov/    135 Crimes of the WheelFinger
The Return of the Second Batman and Robin TeamFinger
Menace of the Sky CreatureFinger
Dec/    136 The Case of the Crazy CrimesFinger
The Town That Hated BatmanFinger
The Challenge of the JokerFinger
Feb/61137 Robin's New BossFinger
The Bandit with 1,000 BrandsFinger
Teacher from the StarsFinger
Mar/    138 Batman's MasterFinger
The Simple Crimes of Simple SimonFinger
The Secret of the Sea BeastFinger
May/    139 The Blue BowmanFinger
Island of 1,000 TrapsFinger
June/    140 The Ghost of the JokerFinger
The Charmed Life of BatmanFinger
The Eighth Wonder of SpaceFinger


  1. The "Finger couldn't meet deadlines" mantra was probably floated to try to explain away the fact that he was "fired" from writing Batman after he came out at the New York Comiccon and claimed to have co-created the character- which put Kane into an absolute fury.

  2. Yeah, that sounds about right. Historically, it's a common practice for DC editors and staffers to slander freelancers.

  3. Whoswhoz and Tony, I'm sure his joining those asking the job creators for free stuff like medical a little later didn't endear him.