Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Woolfolk Records 1948/10

Marvel Family 36 cover

As with September 1948, I reconstructed the notebook page. Some hard-to-decipher words I figured out by working back from the stories in William Woolfolk's style that I found in the appropriate months, but I haven't seen the Monte Hales of this period. The next installment of Woolfolk's records will be January 1950.

Orbit, Quality, and Fawcett are the publishers. This is Kid Eternity's final issue of Hit; he'll be replaced by Mississippi steamboat captain Jeb Rivers (by other hands). The Golden Age of superheroes is losing steam...

UPDATE: Until Wanted 19 became available as a scan, the known story that seemed to fit this first one's description was "The Strange Case of Mortimer Dollard," the lead in issue 20. He may well have written that one too, of course—next month. ALSO: darkmark found the Monte Hale Weeper story, which fits the "meets" in the description and the June cover date alongside some of the other Fawcett stories here. Note that it was cut in half in number of pages between script and published story!

October 1948 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

12 pg  True Crime businessman bandit
"Business Man Bandit" Wanted 19, May/49
11  Doll Man contest for minstrels
"The Minstrel's Ballad of Mayhem" Feature 138, Sep/49
Captain Marvel meets Trouble
  "Never Trouble Trouble" CM Advs 96, May/49
Captain Marvel Jr. gravity stops
"The Day Gravity Stopped" CMJ 73, May/49
Monte Hale river island that ceases to be _____
MH Western or Western Hero c. May or June/49
13  Kid Eternity The Mummy, a pharaoh's curse
"The Mummy" Hit 60, Sept/49
Ibis a gambling house where souls are the stakes
"His Greatest Gamble" Whiz 110, June/49
Monte Hale meets the _____
"MH Meets the Weeper" Western Hero 79, June/49
15  Bad Man's Land
as Wild Bill Pecos "Bad Man's Land" The Westerner 20, Apr/49
15  Plastic Man man who can split up like an amoeba
"Twinning Terror" Police 93, Aug/49
21  Marvel Family invaders from infinity
"The Invaders from Infinity" MF 36, June/49


  1. Wonder if one of those Monte Hales could be "Monte Hale Meets the Killer Sheriff" from WESTERN HERO #86?

  2. Woolfolk's notation "meets the ___" continues in one word without an upstroke at the beginning, but certainly the editors could have gone with their own title. It's a mystery!

  3. "Meets the..." is "Meets the Weeper" from WESTERN HERO #79.