Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Woolfolk Records 1948/09

Westerner 19 cover
The records for November 1948 through December 1950 are unavailable; the available 100 months of William Woolfolk's records are about a hundred more than most Golden Age writers left. This month and next are ones I reconstructed, so there are a few words that escaped me. I had to backtrack on some; "Avernus" was just a squiggle until I read the Ibis story following last month's.

I can't find a Plastic Man story (at 15 pages it would have to be for Police, not Plastic Man) in Woolfolk's style in the appropriate timeframe, let alone one that fits what may be "crazy crimes."

"Blackhawk against Blackhawk" is in Woolfolk's style and published in a month you might expect. The villain's name in the published piece is Mung; his plot involves midget radios.

I could find the title of the Wild Bill Pecos story, as changed from Woolfolk's, but not its page count; his previous lead stories for The Westerner have been cut by a page or so. The Wanted story may have been published under another title.

Publishers: Quality, Orbit, and Fawcett.

September 1948 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

15 pg  Plastic Man the crazy ____
15  Custer's Last Stand
  as Wild Bill Pecos "Custer's Massacre" The Westerner 19, Mar/49
Lance O'Casey giant bandit birds
  "The Bandit Birds" Whiz 108, Apr/49
Captain Marvel the great polar ice cap
    "CM and the Great Polar Ice Cap" CM Advs 95, Apr/49
Monte Hale the men who died twice
    "The Men Who Died Twice" Western Hero 77, Apr/49
11  Blackhawk Major Morgue? & his midget _____
    "Blackhawk against Blackhawk" BH 25, June/49
Ibis Avernus entrance under desert
    "The Land of the Lost" Whiz 109, May/49
10  Man Who Couldn't Kill "The Man Who Couldn't Kill" Wanted 19, Mar/49
Wanted features [two 2-pagers] Wanted 19, Mar/49
Monte Hale installments from ____
    "Installment for Plunder" Western Hero 78, May/49
Captain Marvel the great balloon race
    "CM and the Big Balloon Race around the World" CM Advs 96, May/49


  1. Wonder if the Plas story could be either "Captain Rivers" (POLICE #90) or "Closets Kennedy" (POLICE #92)? It'd take a misinterpretation of the word "Crazy", but you never know.

  2. I see Gwen Hansen writing Plas in POLICE 90 (as well as 91) and Joe Millard in 92, so this one of Woolfolk's must be farther afield.

  3. How about "The Dictator of Dreams" in POLICE #78 for the Plas story?

    1. No, that one was cover-dated May 1948, so it came out half a year before this script was written.