Monday, January 16, 2012

Woolfolk Records 1953/08

Superman 87 cover

Another month of William Woolfolk's selling scripts to DC and Orbit.

The GCD's original credit to Bill Finger for "The Thing from 40,000 AD" was my misidentification, made some time ago.

UPDATE: I found "Cold, Cold Heart" when a scan went online via the Digital Comic Museum and Comic Book Plus.

August 1953 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

10 pg SuperboyTommy Tuttle gives his version of a Superboy adventure
"Tommy Tuttle—Superboy's Pal" Superboy 30, Jan/54
No Wedding Dress for Mea girl loves a guy still in love with gal who jilted him
"No Wedding Dress for Me" Love Diary 40, Feb/54
10 Supermankryptonite bomb will blow up Metropolis and kill Superman
"One Hour to Doom" Superman 89, May/54
10 Supermanthe thing from 40,000 AD
"The Thing from 40,000 AD" Superman 87, Feb/54
10 Cold, Cold Hearta girl afraid of men because once she was nearly raped
"Cold, Cold Heart" L Diary 40, Feb/54
12 SupermanEarth faces same fate as Krypton
"The Menace from the Stars" World's Finest 68, Jan-Feb/54

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