Monday, January 30, 2012

Woolfolk Records 1953/11

Star Spangled War Stories 21 cover

William Woolfolk sold scripts to Orbit and DC in November.

UPDATE: I finally found the Prescription for Happiness when a scan of Love Diary 41 went online.

November 1953 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

7 pg Behind Closed Doorsconfessions of a baby sitter
"Behind Closed Doors" Love Diary 41, Mar/54
Prescription for Happinessguy loves a selfish gal
[untitled PFH] L Diary 41, Mar/54
The Way to the Hearta gal who likes to domineer
"The Way to a Man's Heart " L Diary 42, Apr/54
Texans Are Terrifica soldier who thinks only Texans can really fight
"Texans Are Terrific" Star Spangled War Stories 21, May/54
Beautiful and Badrespectable guy can't resist a wanton beauty
"Blonde, Beautiful and Bad" L Diary 42, Apr/54
The Sergeant-Generalsergeant thinks he could run war better than top brass
"The 60-Minute General" SSWS 21, May/54
Pick-Upgirl who accepts pick-ups—to her regret
"Pickup" Love Diary 42, Apr/54
Mystoclub of pilots who also hold unusual other jobs—meet death
"Wings of Danger" Detective 206, Apr/54
Take Her Downsub commander who has never had a "kill" brings in one triumph
"The Dry-Run Sub" Our Army at War 23, June/54

The SSWS cover I picked as an illustration doesn't show a scene from a Woolfolk story, but at least it mentions his story titles.

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