Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Woolfolk Records 1953/07

Superman 86 cover

At this point in his records, William Woolfolk was identifying the publishers to whom he sold each story, so I know that "The Untamed," like the romance stories, went to Orbit. What that two-part story was or where it ended up—who knows? The rest of this month's scripts sold to DC.

UPDATE: SangorShop found "My Hero" after I posted; I found the Prescription for Happiness when I looked at the scanned comic itself.

July 1953 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

7 pg The Untamed1st chapter: a world aflame
12 Superboybattles Kingorilla
"Kingorilla" Adventure 196, Jan/54
Mail Call Heroguy gets all the mail in outfit—but it's really only ads
"TNT Mail" Our Army at War 20, Mar/54
10 Batmanphantom crook of Gotham City
"The Phantom Bandit of Gotham City" Batman 81, Feb/54
The Untamed2nd chapter: voices in wilderness
Peril's Doorwaysoldier who's afraid to open doors
"The Door" OAAW 22, May/54
Hero of My Heartshy librarian falls for school hero
"My Hero" Love Diary 39, Jan/54
Suicide Squadsuicide squad of Nazis left to destroy town, can they be stopped
"Suicide Squad" Star Spangled War Stories 20, Apr/54
10 Supermandragon from King Arthur's court
"The Dragon from King Arthur's Court" Superman 86, Jan/54
Prescription for Happinessgirl with lousy family loves guy
[untitled PFH] L Diary 39, Jan/54


  1. The GCD has this:
    Love Diary #39 (Jan 1954)
    My Hero 6pp Buscema pencils
    Prescription For Happiness 3pp
    - One fits, the other seems likely

  2. SangorShop, "My Hero" does sound like a good fit for "Hero of My Heart"; I'm putting that in the post. I don't think two stories written in the same month can be assumed to appear in the same issue, #38 and #40 (and so on) carrying untitled "Prescription for Happiness" installments like #39.