Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Robert Bernstein Continues on Crime Does Not Pay

Here's Robert Bernstein's next couple of years writing for Crime Does Not Pay for Lev Gleason. I hadn't convinced myself of his writing the Who Dunnit? story in #70 when I did the first list.

CDNP closes out 1950 with #94, but I don't see Bernstein work in those last issues of the year.

As I was looking for Bernstein stories I found a couple by Carl Wessler that didn't get to the CGD from his records. In this tier from "Jack Rosca," note the exclamation that I haven't seen Robert Bernstein ever use.


Crime Does Not Pay Anthology Stories
Written by Robert Bernstein

Dec/48 70  Who Dunnit?
Jan/49 71  Hank Charters
Feb/     72  Craig Denby, the Movie-Struck Egomaniac
    Andy Yole
Mar/     73  Dennis Mayhew and Everett Johns
May/     75  Who Dunnit?
June/     76  Clarence Reese, the Hero-Worshipper
Who Dunnit?
July/     77  Sheriff Ted Benton
Aug/     78  Who Dunnit?
Sep/     79  Spike Spitz
    Who Dunnit?
    Frankie Darrell vs. Lieutenant Jim Scott
Oct/      80  Vince Grey

  The Black Panther Murder Case [WHO DUNNIT?]
Dec/      82  Death in the Hobo Jungle
    Who Dunnit?
Jan/50  83  The Long Manhunt for Les Voyles
Feb/      84  Who Dunnit?
Mar/      85  Police Teamwork and 3 Blind Rats
    Confessions of a Racketeer's Widow
Aug/     90  Over My Dead Body!
    Unexpected Guest
Sep/     91  Murder Plays Hide-and-Seek

Written by Carl Wessler

Sep/49 79  Jack Roscar
Feb/50 84  Death House Blues


  1. Have you gotten further than this in CDNP?

  2. I've flipped through all the issues to the end--I see Bernstein writing up to the second-to-last issue, #142 in 1955--but it's going through each issue again at greater length to confirm the earlier guesses that takes the time in assembling a post.