Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Ken Fitch Writes Tony Gay

The early 50s company Star is best known for its covers by co-owner L. B. Cole. On the insides it made do with a lot of reprint material from various publishers, most notably Novelty, from whom it continued some titles and characters. Teen-age model Toni Gay, for instance, is a continuation of Novelty's Toni Gayle girl detective strip.

Star's romance and teen-age books did contain some original material, and every so often in the romance titles Ken Fitch got a scripting credit. So I knew to look for him at Star, and I found him on at least the first two Toni Gay stories. This tier from "The Hoaxed Hoax" shows not only his typical "Aiy-y-y-y-y-y" but the "Eeeeeee" found in some of his romance stories. The artist is Norman Nodel.

Toni Gay 'Aiy-y-y-y-y-y' 'EeeeEEE'

On many of the stories in the other strips in School-Day Romances/Popular Teen-Agers--Ginger Snapp/Ginger Bunn/Honey Bunn, Midge Martin, and Eve Adams--I find one writer whom I can't identify who uses the expression "Sufferin' Susie" often.

Ken Fitch Scripts on Toni Gay
in School-Day Romances

Nov-Dec/49 The Hoaxed Hoax
Jan-Feb/50 Mixed Pix

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