Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Another Hidden Penciller

Falling in Love 122

Click it to see the double page at a better size. This is another case of a rather overpowering inker hiding the penciller's style is "I Want to Be Free--to Live, to Love" in DC's Falling in Love 122 (Apr/71). The Grand Comics Database suggests Tony deZuñiga is inking himself. But try to picture the pencils without the distraction of deZuñiga's very distinctive style; this artist usually inked himself through the Sixties. Take a moment to look for the characteristic poses in a number of panels, before going to the second page where I've named him.
I'd already posted on a couple of Kurt Schaffenberger romance stories at DC. The Colletta inks on "Just Too Shy" may be what's led people astray on the penciller, but the GCD doesn't recognize even him there; it gives "?" as the inker. It suggests "Jay Scott Pike?" on pencils, which it has on at least one Werner Roth/Colletta story.

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pencils on DC romance:

Falling in Love

Apr/71 122  I Want to Be Free--to Live, to Love i: Tony deZuñiga

Girl's Love Stories

Sept/72 173  Just Too Shy i: Vince Colletta


  1. There is no way that any comic book art fan could mistake Vince Colletta's inks. Nobody could draw hair like him (see the 2nd panel) or do the dark highlighting of a panel (see the last two panels of the first page) as creatively. Vince also had a way of forming women's lips perfectly.

  2. Martin,

    My first thought in looking over the pages was Bill Draut but after a closer examination the poses and figures pointed to Schaffenberger. Great catch!