Sunday, July 25, 2021

Disc Jockeying Times Three, Not Two

A while ago I listed some of the teenager scripts that Jack Mendelsohn reworked at Tower from ones he’d written at Quality a decade earlier. One such pair was "Disc Jockeying" in CANDY 49 (July/54) and the story by the same title in GO-GO AND ANIMAL 2 (Oct/66). Now I’ve found an earlier source for the plot at DC--the untitled Liz story in SCRIBBLY 1 (Aug-Sep/48). They're in chronological order below: Liz, Candy, Go-Go. The heroine in each has thrown a platter party to replenish her record collection and every guest has brought a single with the same song.

Liz, Candy, Go-Go

The Go-Go script reworks the Candy one closely, but they don’t resemble the Liz one aside from the plot. Jack Mendelsohn was working at DC in 1948, or at least for Howie Post there, on Presto Pete and Jiminy and the Magic Book, but I can’t see any of his style in the Liz script.

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