Saturday, July 3, 2021

Clem's Cap

Cap 50 Scarface

Clem Weisbecker's handful of stories on Captain America are important because, of course, Captain America, and because they're a link between his earlier work at MLJ and later at Fawcett. (Another link is his late-Forties stories in Crime Must Pay the Penalty, at Ace, which have already been identified by James Vadeboncoeur, Jr.)

The page above is from "Scarface and the Script of Death." Some issues in this timeframe are online only as scans of old microfiche rather than of the actual comics, and the fuzziness makes it difficult to scrutinize the art. Inherent in the comics themselves is the number of different inkers. So Weisbecker may have more Cap stories, but these are the ones I can be sure enough of to list now, and not take another few weeks vacillating over some of the other stories.

Clem Weisbecker pencils on

Nov/45 #50  The Walking Dead
Jan/46 #52  The Case of the Telepathic Typewriter
Feb/     #53  The Robe of Evil
    Murder Etched in Stone
Mar/      #54  Scarface and the Script of Death
Apr/      #55  The Hands of Sensitivo

on Captain America in

Sum/46 #10  Crime Takes a Cruise

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