Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Phil Evans on the Flying A

On most other features that the Who's Who lists Phil Evans as writing at Western/Dell, his scripts appear much more frequently than on Gene Autry--to the point that sheer guesswork as to his scripts on the Grand Comics Database gives a correct credit a number of times. On Autry's long-running book, though, there are just a handful of Evans credits. Likewise he wrote only one story for the TV title The Flying A's Range Rider--fitting in here inasmuch the Flying A is Gene Autry's production company, named for his ranch.

This partial page from "Gene Autry and the Ghost Prison" sets off Evans alarm twice: his putting a comma after "Haw" and "Huh" instead of an exclamation point. "Wal," of course, is more likely to take a comma to begin with, and you will find it in Autry scripts by other hands.
Gene Autry 45

Written by Phil Evans:
Gene Autry

Sep/50 43  GA and Owlhoots of Deadwood Mesa
Nov/     45  GA and the Ghost Prison
Dec/52  70  GA and the Combination
Mar/53  73  The Wrong Hireling
Apr/      74  Treetop Trickery
Murder Map
May/54  87  GA and the Haunted Spiderweb

Misc. Western Gene Autry back-up

Mar/53  73  Ghost Town Girl

Range Rider in Four Color

Apr/52  404  RR and the Monster of the Desert

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