Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Four More Cap Stories by Mort Leav

Mort Leav's final Captain America story (found so far), "Double Identity" in All Winners 1 Volume 2 (Aug/48), is very obviously not by one of the usual artists. That's the one where he's most likely inking his own pencils. Out of eight post-war Cap stories (the number he recalled doing), I've come up with four more, some probably inked by other hands, one certainly so. This page from "The Last Case of Inspector Leeds" uses one of his floating-head-and-squiggly-border shots, and the woman (especially in the third panel) could have come from one of his stories for Orbit in Love Diary or Wanted. This story's art does strike me as not only his pencils but his inks.
Cap 60 'Inspector Leeds'
Syd Shores inked "Pennies from Heaven." What makes it even easier to mistake the story for his is that, as far as I can tell, he did pencil the splash page as well. I'd say Otto Binder wrote "Pennies"; "Inspector Leeds" is noted in William Woolfolk's records.

Orbit, by chance, used a number of Cap artists, past or future: Leav, Shores, Vince Alascia, Maurice Del Bourgo, Mort Lawrence, John Buscema, and Gene Colan.

This leaves three more Cap stories by Mort Leav to look for.

Mort Leav art in Captain America

Nov/46 59  Pennies from Heaven (inks and pg 1 pencils: Syd Shores)
Jan/47 60  The Last Case of Inspector Leeds

The Big Fight
Mar/     61  The Bullfrog Terror

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