Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Don Segall and Two Colonels

Now that I've gotten the miscredits to Don Segall straightened out, here are some Dell comedy TV tie-ins and one movie adaptation definitely written by him. As acknowledged in the indicia, even the ones published prior to Western Publishing's splitting off to form Gold Key in late 1962 were produced in-house at Dell rather than supplied by Western.

McKeever and the Colonel 1--'O-oo'; It seems that he has misplaced his jeep...

Here are tiers from the first issue of the military-school sitcom McKeever and the Colonel—one I somehow never encountered, as much TV as I watched in the Sixties. The obvious signals for a Segall script are "O-oo" or "O-ooo" and captions along the lines of: It seems he's done this... From a quick look again just now, I don't think those happen to appear in either of his credited dialogue jobs at DC; I had to pick them up once I worked backward to Dell from those Creeper and Inferior Five stories.

Where I show only one issue out of a run, others have written the other Issues. Andy Griffith 1 and 2 are Four-Color 1252 and 1341. Tony Tallarico lettered the stories he inked here.


Andy Griffith

Jan-Mar/62 #1  Opie's Secret a: Henry Scarpelli
Apr-June/     #2  Undercover Man a: Scarpelli

Beany and Cecil

Feb-Apr/62 #1  Old Paint a: ?—same throughout #1
     Table Manners a: ?
    Security Leak a: ?
     Beany Uses His Head... a: ?
    The Mess Maker a: ?

Calvin and the Colonel

Apr-June/62 #1  The Dream House a: ?—same as #2
July-Sep/     #2  Money Is Everything a: ?

Car 54, Where Are You?

Sep-Nov/63 #7  Memories p: Bill Fraccio  i: Tony Tallarico

Car 54, Where Are You? backup: Tommy Trouble

Sep-Nov/63 #7  The Delivery p: Fraccio  i: Tallarico


July-Sep/62 #2  Opening Night a: Scarpelli

McHale's Navy

Aug-Oct/63 #2  Sea-ing Things a: Scarpelli

McKeeever and the Colonel

Feb-Apr/63 #1  Split Personality p: Fraccio  i: Tallarico
May-July/     #2  Cleaning Up p: Fraccio  i: Tallarico
Aug-Oct/     #3  The Rugged Life p: Fraccio  i: Tallarico

Movie Classic

Oct-Dec/63 The Mouse on the Moon p: Fraccio  i: Tallarico

Segall very likely wrote all the inside-cover one-pagers for the issues here. The ones I can be certain of (It seems that Calvin has a problem...) are "Duty Calls" and "Going Down" on the inside front covers of Calvin and the Colonel 1 and 2, and Margie 2's "Finger Painting."

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