Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Legion Artist You've Heard Of. "Who Was It?" "Same Guy!"

Win Mortimer took over as regular artist on the Legion of Super-Heroes in late 1968. Naturally, if you didn't take a good look, you'd assume he's the penciller of "Lament for a Legionnaire" in Action 384 (Jan/70). Well, he may have touched up the figure of Element Lad in the splash panel. But otherwise Curt Swan returns for his final bow on the strip's first run.

Action 384 Lament for a Legionnaire

If it explains the long-standing misattribution, Swan is being inked on this story by Jack Abel, the regular on the strip at this point, whereas on the very same issue's Superman story George Roussos is his inker.

Nelson Bridwell mistook Swan's 1952 art for Mortimer's in the reprint of the Batman story "The Masterminds of Crime." He was corrected and ran the correction soon after.

But certainly by 1970 (if not as early as 1952), Mortimer's and Swan's art styles don't look very much alike, do they?

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