Thursday, December 11, 2014

Not the Two-Gun Kid

Crack Western 72--The Ghost of Grim Gulch

At Quality, Chuck Winter had a four-issue run in Buccaneers, as I posted here. He had twice that in Crack Western on Two-Gun Lil.

On the first four stories I'm taking the Grand Comics Database artist attributions as a start. I think I see three artists among the first four stories (the same one on #64 and 65). Leo Morey is known to have worked on the series, but I can't match him up from his signed stories at ACG a decade later; it may be that he's being inked by other hands here.

Two-Gun Lil in Crack Western

Nov/49 63  She Was Ready w: Joe Millard  a: Charles    Sultan?
Jan/50 64  The Forbidden Star w: ?  a: Leo Morey?
Mar/     65  The Dance Hall of Death w: ?  a: Morey?
May/     66  Even Frontier Terrorists Can Learn w: ?  a: ?
Jul/     67  Two-Gun Lil Votes against Lynch Law w: ?  a: Pete Riss
Sep/     68  Two-Gun Lil Conquers Western Crime w: ?  a: Riss
Nov/     69  Hot-Lead Two-Step w: Millard  a: Chuck Winter
Jan/51 70  The Taming of Big Bat McGrew w: Millard  a: Winter
Mar/     71  A Bargain in Bullets w: Millard  a: Winter
May/     72  The Ghost of Grim Gulch w: Millard  a: Winter
Jul/     73  Six-Guns from the Sky w: Millard  a: Winter
Sep/     74  Gun Trouble in Paradise w: Millard  a: Winter
Nov/     75  The Vultures of Goldhill w: Millard  a: Winter
Jan/52 76  The End of the Owlhoot Trail w: Millard  a: Winter
Mar/     77  A Heart as Big as a House w: ?  a: Pete Morisi
May/     78  Once upon a Time There Were Three Bassett Brothers w: Robert Bernstein  a:   Morisi
Sep/     80  The Murder on Stage w: Bernstein  a: Morisi
Nov/     81  The Target Is Two-Gun Lil w: Bernstein  a: Morisi
Jan/53  82  Target of Hot Lead w: Bernstein  a: Morisi
Mar/     83  The Fiend in Knee Pants w: Bernstein  p: John Forte     i: ?
May/     84  The Kissing Monster w: Bernstein  a: Edmond    Good

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