Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dick Wood at Charlton, 1956

Dick Wood was credited for scripts at Charlton, but that was in 1969. He had a run of Phantom stories just after the company took over the title from King Comics. Those may have been inventory scripts, or Charlton may have hired him for his familiarity with the character; three of his scripts were illustrated by Charlton artists like Jim Aparo. The fourth, the only one drawn there by Bill Lignante, I'd imagine was completed at King and so looks an inventory story on all counts. But to paraphrase Arlo Guthrie, that's not what I'm here to talk about.

I'm here to talk about 1956.

Blue Beetle in Nature Boy 3--'Jumping cats!'

Scanning Charlton's Fifties output for Carl Memling stories, I couldn't help seeing some by Dick Wood; his style is so colorful: "Great suffering Hannah!" or in the case above, "Jumping cats!" I find a handful of his stories, all in the one year. Before anyone asks, I haven't IDed the writer on the four other new Blue Beetle stories of the period, in BB 20 and 21 (June and August, 1955).

Dick Wood 1950s Charlton Scripts

Blue Beetle
in Nature Boy

Mar/56 Unmasked p: Charles Nicholas  i: Sal Trapani

anthology stories:
Out of This World

Aug/56 The Mission from Outer Space a:  Nicholas

Racket Squad in Action

Feb/56 20  The Portrait Racketeers p: Bill Molno  i: Trapani

Strange Suspense Stories

Aug/56 30  Lost Child p: Molno  i: Trapani

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