Thursday, September 11, 2014

Woolfolk Records 1953/03

Love Diary 36--Not the Right TypeOrbit and DC, buyers. And: in 1952-53, William Woolfolk has noted the publishers alongside the stories; the Freddy Feline is sold to Fawcett. Pooch is mentioned in the May '53-written Slinky Stinky stories, Woolfolk's last for the company. When I posted that month's records out of order, I guessed from Woolfolk's "F" code that Fawcett was the publisher, but hadn't seen these previous years to confirm the same code on, for instance, Captain Marvel Jr. stories. The company bought these funny animal scripts but I don't find them published. UPDATE: And in fact Freddy Feline was turned into Slinky Stinky for that character's debut story.

I can't read the handwriting about a "Mickey J____ character" and can't guess the cultural reference, but the Love Diary 36 story "Easy to Love" is about a girl who works as a housemaid for the man she falls in love with.

It isn't completely out of left field, but a syndicated Superman strip sequence is a change of pace. Technically this was published by the syndicate, but DC bought the scripts from Woolfolk. Six tiers, a week's dailies, are paid as six pages (or three times as many panels), and in fact at a slightly higher rate. He continues writing the sequence next month. UPDATE: SangorShop supplied the strips' publication dates.

March 1953 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

6 pg  That's How I Am athletic girl loves a lifeguard
"Not the Right Type" Love Diary 36, Sept/53
10  Superman Superman becomes pet of space men
"A Doghouse for Superman" Superman 84, Aug-Sept/53
Command Performance an actor who hates to play Nazis
"Command Performance" Star Spangled War Stories 13, Sept/53
10  Superboy makes a 4th dimension movie in the future
"The Movie Star of Tomorrow" Superboy 27, Aug-Sept/53
Freddy Feline wants Pooch's swimming pool
as Slinky Stinky "The Stolen Swimming Pool" Funny Animals 82, Oct/53
Flight into Passion can a girl go too far and keep her man?
"Flight into Passion" L Diary 36, Sept/53
Battle Decision detective after crook—in the Army
"Battle Detective" SSWS 13, Sept/53
Treacherous Love girl works for a Mickey J____ character
10  "Easy to Love" L Diary 36, Sept/53
12  Batman the invisible Batman
"The Invisible Batman" Detective 199, Nov/53
Superman syndicate $100,000 on Clark Kent's head
Superman strip,  May 18 to May 23/53
Killer Tanks! a man who is deathly afraid of the German tanks
"Killer Tank" Our Army at War 14, Dec/53


  1. The Speeding Bullet website says: Superman Episode 78: The Hundred-Grand Bounty Strips 4497-4544 (May 18, 1953 to July 11, 1953)

  2. Hopefully we'll see that strip story reprinted by IDW in the near future, in their Superman newspaper strip series.

  3. Thanks, SangorShop; and Lee, I guess we'll see--it looks like they'll have to fill in between the Sundays ending in 1946 and the dailies beginning in 1958.