Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Woolfolk Records 1952/10

Frogman 10 splash--'Frogman in Purple' Fawcett, Orbit, DC; one final story for Hillman, after writing Sky Wolf some years ago; and a new publisher for William Woolfolk: Standard (I had no idea he'd worked for them).

UPDATE: I couldn't identify the Superman story; darkmark has supplied the citation. The reason I missed it: I had misidentified an earlier script as "Super Manor"—going by the cover, it seems to me now; I IDed most of these in a batch almost two years ago.

Woolfolk has evidently been told there are no more Captain Marvel Jr. stories needed, but this month sees the last Captain Marvel-related story he writes, as Fawcett's reign of comic book publishing nears its end.

"Murderous Cargo" is an instance where, instead of changing a title, Orbit changes a character name: real-life Lucky Luciano becomes fictional Louie Lusto in the published story.

October 1952 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

6 pg  Captain Marvel thief from the past
"CM and the Thief from the Past" CM Advs 147, Aug/53
Prescription for Happiness girl loves a gambler
[untitled PFH]  Love Diary 33, Feb/53
12  Superman town that didn't want Super
"Super Manor" Action 179, Apr/53
Frogman his majesty, frogboy
"Frogman in Purple" Frogman 10, Apr/53
10  Killer Guns supplier of guns to the underworld
"For Hire . . . Guns for Killers" Wanted 53, Apr/53
The Mirror Man a man in a mirror
"The Man in the Mirror" Out of the Shadows 8, Apr/53
Nothing Can Save Her doctor loves a vampire
"Nothing Can Save Her" Advs into Darkness 9, Apr/53
Wanted script "Raymond Wilt" Wanted 53, Apr/53
12  Batman underworld bank
"The Underworld Bank" Detective 194, Apr/53
Moll story of a girl who falls for a gangster
"Moll!" Love Journal 18, Apr/53
Murderous Cargo Lucky Luciano wants to get back to the U.S.A.
"Murderous Cargo" Wanted 53, Apr/53


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  2. Scratch that. The Superman story is really "Super Manor" from ACTION COMICS #179.