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Woolfolk Records 1952/07

Actiopn 176--Muscles for Money
Fawcett and Orbit stories—and a story for DC. William Woolfolk is known, from Julius Schwartz's records of the scripts bought in his and Robert Kanigher's office, to have written a Wonder Woman story in 1948. The DC stories attributed to Woolfolk on the GCD between that story and these (October will start a steady supply of scripts to the publisher) were misidentified (by me) some years ago. When I finish posting the Woolfolk records, I hope to take a new look at those stories and see who might have written them; I trust it will turn out to be a single writer.

By virtue of this, her second story, Vampira is the final continuing villain Woolfolk creates in comic books.

The undersized genii story seems to be the same as next month's too-lazy genii, entered twice, although recorded as paid both times; it's published under a title closer to the second entry's description. This happens in Woolfolk's final writing months with the Superman story about impossible headlines entered twice (in March and May 1954).

Prescription for Happiness, like S.O.S. for Love, is a department with no story individually titled. This one has to fit this issue, as there were only two 2-page Prescriptions hereabouts, and when Woolfolk writes the next one he describes it.

UPDATE: I had misidentified this Superman story as "Super Manor," Action 179. When darkmark IDed the story written in October 1952 as that one, I went back to find which story fit this description better.

July 1952 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

12 pg  Superman Super goes money mad
"Muscles for Money" Action 176, Jan/53
Captain Marvel Jr. beast of the battlefield
"CMJ and Vampira's Beast of the Battlefield" Marvel Family 85, July/53
10  The Rain, the Deadly Rain vengeance of a rain god
"The Rain, the Deadly Rain" Strange Stories from Another World 5, Feb/53
10  Man Who Defeated Death chessmaster vs. Death
7  "The Man Who Defeated Death" Beware! Terror Tales 7, May/53
S.O.S. for Love [untitled SOSFL] Love Journal
10  The Fleshless Ones skeletons from below the earth
"The Fleshless Ones" Worlds of Fear 10, June/53
Prescription for Happiness [untitled PFH] Love Diary 32, Dec/52
10  Horror at the Lighthouse sea monster that eats humans
"Horror at the Lighthouse" BTT 6, Mar/53
Love Me As I Am girl wins guy just being herself
"Love Me As I Am" L Journal 17, Feb/53
The Butcher gangster kills gal friend & boss
"The Butcher" Wanted 51, Dec/52
Captain Marvel Jr. the undersized genii
[duplicate entry?]

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