Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Woolfolk Records 1951/07

LOve Diary 24 'I Tried to Buy Love' splash page

The publishers buying the stories are Orbit, Fawcett, and Quality—the latter for whom William Woolfolk starts writing some stories of private eye Ken Shannon, who not only has his own title but has taken Plastic Man's slot in Police.

July 1951 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

9 pg  Afraid to Be a Wife! girl who doesn't want a baby
"Afraid to Be a Wife" Love Diary 23, Dec/51
13  Pinhead and Foodini a robot machine that hunts gold
"Foodini's Robot Prospector" Pinhead and Foodini 4, Jan/52
Pinhead and Foodini single page gag
"Pinhead Strikes Back" P & F 4, Jan/52
Ibis prisoner on Charon's ferry
"Prisoner on Charon's Ferry" Whiz 143, Mar/52
Captain Marvel Jr. gets lazy
"CMJ Gets Lazy" CMJ 107, Mar/52
Ibis enchanted forest
"The Enchanted Forest" Whiz 144, Apr/52
Lord of Chicago Big Jim Colosimo
"Big Jim Colosimo . . . Crime Lord" Wanted 44, Jan/52
Ken Shannon suicide by a stranger
"Corpse on the Sidewalk" Police 112, Feb/52
Ibis magician of Mars
"Ibis and the Magician of Mars" Whiz 145, May/52
The Women I Paid For! man who has to buy his gal friends
7  "I Tried to Buy Love" L Diary 24, Jan/52
Ken Shannon stand-in for murder
"Stand-in for Murder" KS 4, Apr/52
Captain Marvel Jr. the horror dimension
"CMJ and the Horror Dimension" CMJ 107, Mar/52

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