Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ernie Colon at Archie, 1960

Ernie Colón drew at least five pages at Archie in 1960. Maybe he did more—Archie put out a lot of comics at the time that I haven't read yet—but so far I've found his work in two issues of Archie's Madhouse. He drew "Stamps for Teens" (a two-pager) in #9, Dec/60, and "How to Read Tea Leaves" (three pages) in #10, Feb/61. His inking line is the giveaway, but the cheerleader and cartoonist stamps show his pencil style best, I think.

Archie's Madhouse 9 and 10--Stamps for Teens and How to Read Tea Leaves

These issues fall in the Madhouse run in which Sy Reit, as far as I can tell, is the sole writer. (George Gladir would take over as sole writer for some years, although the editors mixed together some Reit and Gladir stories for a few issues during the changeover. In the Seventies a number of writers, including Frank Doyle, scripted stories.) Reit and Colón are connected elsewhere in that both worked on the Harvey characters—Reit created Casper the Friendly Ghost before Casper was a Harvey character—but more closely in that together they did classics-type comics stories for Boy's Life such as "The Legends of King Arthur" (Aug/92).

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