Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Woolfolk Records 1951/03

Westerner 39 Lobo the Wolf Boy splash page

Fawcett, Orbit, and Quality comics.

Since William Woolfolk didn't have any Pinhead & Foodini stories in issue 1, I'm assuming his gag pages for the title didn't start in that issue either. He writes three set of gags in this and later months, fitting into the final three of the four issues.

The Lobo story is another case where the editors have changed Woolfolk's title at the page top, with the logo, but let his version remain at the end of the blurb below.

March 1951 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

6 pg  Ibis the pipes of Pan
"The Pipes of Pan" Whiz 139, Nov/51
11  Wild Bill Pecos secret of the lost caves
"The Secret of the Lost Caves" The Westerner 39, Aug/51
Curtains for a Killer theatre ticket alibi—but there was no show that night
"Curtains for a Killer" Wanted 40, Aug/51
12  Broadway Bandit gang specializing in night club robberies
"The Broadway Bandit" Wanted 40, Aug/51
Private Piney & Miss Fitt gag stuff
1  Private Piney "Always Room for One More" Pinhead and Foodini 2, Sept/51
1  Little Miss Fitt "Something to Bank On" P & F 2, Sept/51
Blackhawk the invisible men
"The Invisible Men" BH 45, Oct/51
Captain Marvel Jr. the thing that grew
"CMJ Battles the Thing That Grew" CMJ 103, Nov/51
Lobo, the Wolf Boy wolf kingdom
"Lobo the Wolf Boy Fights Fury the Terror Wolf" The Westerner 39, Aug/51
Wild Bill Pecos last bullet
"The Last Bullet" The Westerner 39, Aug/51
12  Goons with Guns hired strikebreakers, inc.
"Goons with Guns" Wanted 41, Sept/51
Monte Hale killer's faith in his guns
MH Western or Western Hero c. Dec/51
Captain Marvel Jr. palace of lost ideas
"CMJ and the Palace of Lost Ideas" CMJ 104, Dec/51

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  1. The Monte Hale story is "The Killer's Faith" from WESTERN HERO #109.