Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Woolfolk Records 1951/02

Pinhead and Foodini 2
And now for something fairly different: the TV tie-in Pinhead and Foodini. (Not completely different; William Woolfolk wrote a few stories of the radio tie-in comic Land of the Lost.)

Fawcett, Orbit, and Quality are the publishers this month.

These three love stories were plotted for Dorothy Woolfolk in the shorter page lengths and were published at the longer lengths corresponding to her scripts.

The Wild Bill Pecos story "Draw with Death" expands upon the plot of Woolfolk's Arizona Raines text piece "Draw against Death" (Crack Western 68, Sept/50), written in April 1950.

February 1951 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

6 pg  Captain Marvel Jr. the millionairedale
"CMJ Meets the Millionairedale" CMJ 103, Nov/51
plot for Dorothy girl loves an older man
12  "Betrayed" Love Diary 18, July/51
12  Mad Magician of Crime ex-vaudevillian turns to crime to make headlines
"The Mad Magician of Crime" Wanted 39, July/51
10  Foodini machine to make decisions
"Foodini's Think Tank" Pinhead and Foodini 2, Sept/51
plot for Dorothy my reckless moment—should I tell?
10  "My Reckless Moment" L Diary 19, Aug/51
10  Blackhawk BH Island becomes a trap for BHs
"The Island of Death" BH 45, Oct/51
Wild Bill Pecos crippled, must draw against a killer
"Draw with Death" The Westerner 38, July/51
Lobo, the Wolf Boy mysterious wolf kills people in village—is it Lobo?
"Battles the Killer Wolf" The Westerner 38, July/51
plot for Dorothy girl who stole my life
12  "The Cheat" L Diary 19, Aug/51
Captain Marvel Jr. the money mad monarch
8  "CMJ and the Money-Mad Monarch" CMJ 103, Nov/51
13  Foodini Pinhead goes wild
"Pinhead Goes Wild" P & F 2, Sept/51
Murder Message new typewriter holds a murder message on cylinder
"Murder Message" Wanted 39, July/51
Blackhawk atomic bomb on the loose
"BH and the Unholy Three" BH 45, Oct/51
Ibis curse of the fire king
"The Curse of the Fire King" Whiz 138, Oct/51

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