Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Woolfolk Records 1950/09

Whiz 133 Ibis first page

After a time of selling to just Fawcett and Orbit, William Woolfolk includes Quality again among his publishers with this month.

He has used the last man on Earth concept before, in Plastic Man, but this CMJ story is entirely different.

This is the point at which Woolfolk notes payment for the Anthony Action script he wrote on speculation back in May 1946 (most likely for his own company, O.W., before it expired); he sells the story to Orbit and it's published in Wanted 31-32.

September 1950 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

10 pg  Captain Marvel Jr. Captain Marvel Jr. vanishes!
"Captain Marvel Jr. Vanishes" CMJ 96, Apr/51
Find My Killer man locks up his enemy in chains in a hidden room
"Don't Let Me Die" Wanted 35, Mar/51
Captain Marvel Jr. gets the touch of life
10  "CMJ and the Touch of Life" CMJ 98, June/51
10  Wild Bill Pecos the prairie pirates
"WBP and the Prairie Pirates" The Westerner 33, Feb/51
Captain Marvel Jr. the space fishermen
"CMJ and the Space Fisherman" CMJ 95, Mar/51
12  Blackhawk the spores of terror
"The Spores of Terror" BH 39, Apr/51
Captain Marvel Jr. the last man on Earth
"CMJ Meets the Last Man on Earth" CMJ 97, May/51
Wild Bill Pecos the secret of Lulu Belle
"The Secret of Lulu Belle" The Westerner 33, Feb/51
Wild Bill Pecos Wild Bill turns coward
"Afraid to Fight" The Westerner 33, Feb/51
Ibis invaders from the rubber world
"Ibis and the Invaders from the Rubber World" Whiz 133, May/51
10  Hot Money man organizes a huge counterfeiting ring
"Hot Money" Wanted 34, Feb/51
Monte Hale the dam on Rampage River
MH Western or Western Hero c. Apr or May/51
Captain Marvel Jr. the dumb dodo
"CMJ and the Dumb Dodo" CMJ 96, Apr/51
Captain Marvel Jr. Marvel Jr.'s strange appetite
"CMJ's Strange Appetite" CMJ 98, June/51
Shoe Shine thrifty man trapped in crime when he spends
"Shoe Shine" Wanted 35, Mar/51
10  Blackhawk city that time forgot
"The City That Time Forgot" BH 42, July/51


  1. "Afraid to Fight" is actually in THE WESTERNER #33.

  2. Also I note that there is a Tom Mix story in WESTERN HERO #95 called "The Rampaging River". But it's dated 10/50 and, even with lead time of a few months on cover dates, I dunno if that would be enough time for them to produce and publish the story, even altered from Monte to Tom.

  3. I fixed the Westerner number from the 34 I had originally; it makes sense that the three stories this month were published in the same issue--something much more likely to happen with Orbit than, say, Fawcett.

    That lead time on cover dates makes it certain WH 95 couldn't have carried this story--the comic would have been on the stands a month or so before Woolfolk wrote the script.