Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Blackhawk Writers 1955

The fewest gaps in my writer IDs on Blackhawk at Quality are in 1955-56, the final two years of Quality Comics; those gaps fall in 1956, and I'll try to fill them in the near future.

See if any Dick Wood or Bill Finger flags jump out at you in these tiers from #84's "The End of Blackhawk Island" and "The Race of Doom."

Blackhawk 84-2--'Suffering Caesar'--and 3--'Wha-at?'

Unless I've missed an anomalous story, by this point Dick Dillin (pencils) and Chuck Cuidera (inks) are doing all the art on Blackhawk, including the covers. The Chop Chop back-ups by other hands are reprints.

Blackhawk Writers 1955

Jan/55 84  The Dreaded Brain Beam Dick Wood
The End of Blackhawk Island Wood
The Race of Doom Bill Finger
Feb/    85  The Fiendish Impersonator Wood
The Fire-Wheel Wood
The Super-Sonic Menace Wood
 Mar/    86  The Human Torpedoes Wood
The Weapon for Conquest Wood
Suicide Decoy Wood
 Apr/    87  Inferno from the Sky Wood
The Sea Wolf Wood
The Ordeal of a Blackhawk Wood
 May/    88  Thunder, the Indestructible Wood
The Incredible Silencer Wood
The Phantom Sniper Wood
 June/    89  The Super Communists Wood
The Fight for Survival Wood
The Ghost Raiders of the Sky Wood
July/    90  The Storm King Wood
The Bubbles of Doom Wood
Villainess Who Smashed the Blackhawk Team Wood
Aug/    91  Treason in the Underground Wood
The Statue That Attacked Blackhawk Island Wood
The Steel Colossus Finger
 Sept/    92  Prisoners of the Black Dungeon Wood
The World Traitor Wood
The Flying Cutlass Wood
 Oct/    93  Garg the Destroyer Joe Millard
The Floating Fortress Wood
Breaking through the Time Barrier Wood
 Nov/    94  Web of the Black Widow Millard
Blind Victory Millard
The Prophet of Doom Millard
Dec/     95  Madame Fury, Queen of Pirates Millard
Terra, the Trapper Millard
Lhala, Tigress of the Desert Millard


  1. I gather "suffering caesar!" is a typical Dick Woodism?

  2. It is; "Wha-aat" is the Bill Fingerism--a spelling/hyphenization not used by Wood or Millard.

  3. Coincidentally, last night I was reading the story, "I Found My Love in a Dream World" (DC, Young Love #111, Aug.-Sep. 1974), and at the bottom of page 43 the protagonist exclaims "Wha-at?"

    The story is uncredited (both in the comics, and on the GCD), and is reprinted from Young Love, Mar.-Apr. 1967, where it was titled "I Never Gave Love a Chance".

    Jerry Bail's "Who's Who" doesn't credit Finger as writing for Young Love, but I guess the possibility is there, especially given Finger was out of the job of Batman writer about that time, and was probably looking for work, even in an unusual (for him) genre.

  4. Lee, the question is whether any of the other Young Love writers at the time like Barbara Friedlander or Phyllis Reed might have used "Wha-at." The exact spelling "Wha-aat" would bring the odds up in Finger's favor. Murray Boltinoff may have been bucking the tide giving Finger work on Challengers and Tomahawk after Batman, but it would have been nice if other DC editors did, too.