Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Woolfolk Records 1948/08

William Woolfolk's publishers this month: Orbit, Fawcett, and Quality.

There are two 2-page features indexed in Wanted 18 (I haven't seen the issue)—which of the two is Woolfolk's is anybody's guess.

UPDATE: see darkmark's comment—he found the Monte Hale

Hit 59 cover--Kid Eternity

August 1948 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

15 pg  Death Rides the Silver Trail
14  as Wild Bill Pecos "Death Rides the Silver Trail" The Westerner 18, Feb/49
Ibis Gog and Magog at peace conference
"The Menace of Gog and Magog" Whiz 108, Apr/49
11  Doll Man Darrel Dane gets amnesia
"The Doll Man Loses His Identity" Feature 132, Mar/49
Monte Hale man who hated Indians
"The Man Who Hated Indians" MH Western 35, Apr/49
Captain Marvel god of chance intervenes against Marvel
"CM's Long Chance" CM Advs 95, Apr/49
13  Kid Eternity man gets tomorrow's newspaper
"Tomorrow's Crimes Today" Hit 59, July/49
15  Dead Man's Street 14 pg "Dead Man's Street" Wanted 18, Feb/49
Wanted feature Wanted 18, Feb/49


  1. The Monte Hale story is "The Man Who Hated Indians" from MONTE HALE WESTERN #35.

  2. Also, GCD lists "Wanted: Walter Joseph Landreth" as the Woolfolk story in WANTED #18.