Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tales of the Greene Freighter

Although in the real world, unlike in Watchmen, superhero comics were not completely replaced by pirate comics, a few publishers did test those waters. Quality's Buccaneers took over the numbering of Kid Eternity with issue 19 and lasted to 27.

Some of Sid Greene's work at Quality has been noted—the Inspector Denver story in Police 104, a romance story here and there—but his only series here that I know of is the second half of Eric Falcon's run in Buccaneers. Falcon was a soldier of fortune in Colonial times; not every adventure involved pirates.

Other artists work on the series in Buccaneers 19-23 before Greene comes aboard. He most likely inks himself in 25 and 26; I didn't even recognize the story in 24 as his until I looked over the series again before writing this post.

Buccaneers 25 Eric Falcon page tiers

Eric Falcon stories drawn by Sid Greene in Buccaneers

Nov/50 #24  An Empire of Pirates w: ?
Jan/51 #25  The Surrender of Eric Falcon w: ? 
Mar/     #26  Bloody Fingers of Fate w: Joe Millard
May/     #27  The Code of Treachery w: ?


  1. Some of the figures look like the work of Kurt Schafenberger. did he do any work for Quality?

  2. I don't think he did; at least,I haven't seen any that I recognize yet as I browse among the Quality books.