Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Woolfolk Records 1948/04

Police 86 cover: Plastic Man
The scripts William Woolfolk wrote this month were bought by Fawcett, Orbit, and Quality, plus a publisher I hadn't heard he worked for: Prize (content supplied by Simon & Kirby on this title). This would be his sole known story for the company and his first romance story (whose publication data I couldn't track down from his description). In fact, in an interview decades later, he recalled he hadn't worked for Simon & Kirby.

As a sign of where the times are going for superheroes: Real Western Hero has taken over the numbering of Wow Comics, and Monte Hale Western, which will figure in May's listings, has taken over that of Mary Marvel.

April 1948 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

7 pg  Captain Marvel Capt. Marvel's hand commits crime
    "The Hand of Captain Marvel" CM Advs 90, Nov/48
Captain Marvel Titans beneath the sea
    "The Mightiest Sea-Mortal" CM Advs 91, Dec/48
Young Romance spoiled rich girl
    Young Romance
14  Kid Eternity the living dead
    "Obeah-Brutes" KE 13, Jan/49
Ibis magic tapestry
    "The Tapestry of Terror" Whiz 104, Dec/48
15  True Western the taming of Tombstone
14  as Wild Bill Pecos "Terror in Tombstone" The Westerner 16, Oct/48
15  Plastic Man Plas thinks Woozy a crook
    "Woozy's Reputation" Police 86, Jan/49
Captain Marvel Jr. Sivana Jr.'s dream machine
    "Sivana Jr.'s Dream Machine" Master 98, Dec/48
10  Tom Mix the crime showboat
9    "The Crime Show Boat" Real Western Hero 73, Dec/48
12  Monte Hale the hangman's scroll
    "The Hangman's Scroll" RWH 71, Oct/48
Captain Marvel war between the planets
    "The War between the Planets" CM Advs 91, Dec/48

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