Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Woolfolk Records 1948/03

Feature 130 cover; Doll Man

The usual suspects—Fawcett, Timely, Quality, and Orbit—bought from William Woolfolk in March '48. These were his final stories for Timely. Two Blonde Phantom scripts were published in more pages than he submitted them.

The True Crime story noted in January '48 must have been for Wanted (and by the timing, Wanted 14; the title is bimonthly at this point). It was paid at the same page rate as this month's True Crime, and the same as that month's Western Outlaw; after I posted, SangorShop noted that the latter was published in Orbit's companion magazine, The Westerner. I think it pretty safe to say now that all the crime stories Woolfolk has written so far were for Wanted; his rate there stabilized in January.

March 1948 Comic Book Scripts by William Woolfolk

9 pg Marvel FamilySivana tries to drive Marvel crazy
"Captain Marvel's Dilemma" MF 28, Oct/48
Blonde Phantoman ambitious orchestra leader
8 "Rhapsody in Death" BP 19, Sept/48
10 Doll Mancrook uses modern witchcraft
"The Hag" DM 19, Nov/48
15 True Crimesociety of Black Hand
"The Black Hand" Wanted 15, Sept/48
Blonde Phantomvaudeville crime
"Curtain Call for Crime" Namora 2, Oct/48
Ibisthe zoo of men
"Lo-Kar's Circus" Whiz 103, Nov/48
Blonde Phantomman framed for murder
5 "Justice for Jimmy Sullivan" BP 19, Sept/48
14 Blackhawkmen from the asteroid
"The Men from the Asteroid" BH 22, Dec/48
Blonde Phantom test pilot loses his nerve
"The Test of Fear" Sub-Mariner 28, Oct/48
11 Doll Mancrimetown U.S.A.
"Crimetown, U.S.A." Feature 130, Jan/49
Tom Mixthe pony express
"The Ride to Doom" Real Western Hero 72, Nov/48
Captain Marvelworld run by atomic power
"The World of Mr. Atom" CM Advs 90, Nov/48
11 Doll Mancandid microphone program
"The Stork" DM 20, Jan/49

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