Friday, June 22, 2012

Monkees #1 Penciller: Ross Andru?

I think Ross Andru is the best guess (made by BrittReid in the last post's comments) for the main penciller of Monkees 1 at Dell. What he was doing there is anybody's guess, and some of the inking (Trapani's) does not help the pencils. However:

Monkees 1: woman's face in Andru style

Although I first dismissed it as an anomaly, this woman's face above sure looks like one of Andru's, notably in his trademark eyelashes.

Not Brand Echh 1: super-skinny Human Scorch by Andru

And although the Human Scorch is written as a 98-pound weakling to begin with in this story from Not Brand Echh 1 (Aug/67), art by Andru and Mike Esposito, still...


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  2. I still say it isn't Andru. And the more I look at the work of Mo Marcus in Charlton's GO-GO, the more I think he probably did the pencils on that first Dell MONKEES. He did the same kind of skinny, awkwardly-weighted figures.

  3. Having looked at that Go-Go, I agree on Marcus, Mark. I still see Andru in there with Giordano and the rest in reworking Marcus.

    I just posted a page of the Go-Go story--yep, same awkward and skinny figures.