Saturday, June 23, 2012

Monkees #1 Penciller: Mo Marcus

Now that I've seen Mo Marcus's work (he signed the first story in this issue of Charlton's Go-Go—#6, Apr/67), I would agree with Mark Evanier that Marcus started off the story in Dell's Monkees 1, the subject of my last two posts. The no-name gimmick here makes sense given Mark's suggestion that this was meant for a Monkees story at one point.

Go-Go 6 story with unnnamed singing group, art by Mo Marcus

In his comment on the first of these posts, Mark posited that Dick Giordano and company stepped in to salvage Marcus's work on Monkees 1. I still think that Ross Andru was one of that company. I see Marcus's figures in the Dell story (and will admit that the Andru style resemblance there is a coincidence) but just don't see Marcus's style in the faces.

But it sure wasn't José Delbo!


  1. My Dad (Morris Marcus) did the first Monkees comic book. Dick (they were friends from the golden age) asked my Dad to do the book for him. Morris did Return to Peculiar Place - a take off on Payton Place in Go-Go and the Monkees.

  2. Jerry, thanks for the confirmation of these final guesses. The guess that Giordano was called in later would be wrong, then; your Dad stepped in to help out Dick in the first place.